Best "imaginary" friends a man, or woman, could want.

  • Red in my head ~pb

    Red in my head ~pb

  • And I do. ~pb

    And I do. ~pb

  • And there, ~pb

    And there, ~pb

  • sigh


  • Has it? ~pb

    Has it? ~pb

  • I did. ~pb

    I did. ~pb

  • Truth ~pb

    Truth ~pb

  • And she does ~pb

    And she does ~pb

  • I'll start wherever ~pb

    I'll start wherever ~pb

  • Not without me ~pb

    Not without me ~pb

  • My angel ~pb

    My angel ~pb

  • Because of you ~pb

    Because of you ~pb

  • Quite a few ~pb

    Quite a few ~pb

  • I need you ~pb

    I need you ~pb

  • Locked away ~pb

    Locked away ~pb

  • What if,, ~pb

    What if,, ~pb

  • All yours ~pb

    All yours ~pb

  • Just ~pb

    Just ~pb

  • It was me ~pb

    It was me ~pb

  • become a writer ~pb

    become a writer ~pb